In this article, we will explore what Unreal Engine is, why it stands out as one of the most popular engines for game development, the advantages it offers, and the prospects that await those who master its intricacies.

Unreal Engine: From Origins to Global Hits

Unreal Engine (UE) is a powerful game engine created by the Epic Games studio. This engine has gained immense popularity through 15 years of dedication from the Epic Games team, and remarkably, it is available absolutely free of charge. It's important to note, however, that a project's profit exceeding $3000 per quarter entails a 5% royalty fee. But this is a small price to pay considering the wealth of tools UE provides, making the game development process both seamless and exhilarating.

World-class projects developed on the Unreal Engine affirm its outstanding capabilities. AAA studios such as Nintendo, Valve, Rockstar Games, Electronic Arts, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Activision Blizzard have been leveraging the advantages of this engine for years. Several globally acclaimed hits brought to life using UE include:

"Final Fantasy VII Remake"
"Gears 5"
"Mortal Kombat 11"
"Borderlands 3"

You might wonder, "Why do such major studios choose Unreal Engine? Is it truly that superior?" The answer is unequivocally yes. Epic Games has earnestly invested in advancing the Unreal project, attracting a multitude of studios, including those crafting AAA games, to embrace the use of UE.

Main Advantages of Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine has earned its popularity for a reason, as it boasts numerous advantages that appeal to developers. Let's explore the key ones.

1 - Flexible Interface Tailored to User Needs

The logic of the UE interface is quite intuitive, encompassing four main sections: editors, tabs, panels, and menus. All these elements can be easily rearranged on the screen for maximum convenience. Users can also merge, detach, or create separate windows according to their preferences.

2 - All-in-One Development Environment

Unreal Engine provides almost all the tools necessary for developers in one place. The built-in content customization editor, for instance, enables the creation and animation of 3D models. All materials, whether created or imported into UE, can be configured using visual block diagrams — nodes.

Developers emphasize the focus on realistic graphics comparable to Hollywood films, achieved through new optimization technologies such as Nanite and innovative global illumination called Lumen.

3 - Impressive Graphics

Unreal Engine opens the doors to cinematic-quality graphics, especially with the introduction of the new Unreal Engine 5. Although it's currently just a demo version, the results are already mind-blowing.

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4 - Free Access for Beginners and Indie Developers

Unreal Engine stands out by offering free access to beginners and independent developers. If you are learning or not planning to invest significant amounts in game development, Unreal Engine provides you with free access. Charges only come into play if your game generates more than $3000 per quarter. Therefore, you can freely learn and experiment with Unreal Engine without any financial commitments.

And if your game, like Fall Guys, achieves commercial success, you only have to pay a modest 5% royalty on your revenue.

5 - Programming Accessible to All Skill Levels

In Unreal Engine, programming is possible even without knowledge of programming languages. Epic Games has developed a visual programming system known as Blueprints. Instead of writing code, this system uses block diagrams or nodes. Each node is assigned properties that are then connected to each other.


The process of connecting blocks is much simpler than coding, making programming in Unreal Engine more accessible to beginners. Moreover, when working with Blueprints, there are no syntax errors in the code.
Experienced programmers can combine Blueprints and the C++ language for performance optimization.

6 - Multiple Platforms with One Project

Unreal Engine allows the development of games for multiple platforms simultaneously, including PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC, as well as mobile devices on iOS and Android. Developing for multiple platforms ensures a broader audience— the more people learn about your game, the higher the chances of successful sales.

7 - Extensive Library of Game Models by Epic Games

For indie developers aspiring to create their own game but lacking modeling, texturing, or special effects skills, the Unreal Engine website offers a vast selection of game models. If you aim to minimize expenses, the library includes a range of free models. If exclusivity is desired, models are also available for purchase. The assortment encompasses various game assets— from environment and 2D models to 3D models, animations, weapons, characters, and entire levels.

To access the library of free game models, follow these steps:

Visit the Unreal Engine website.

- In the top tab, select
- "Marketplace" and then
- "Browse."

Find and select the "Free" section.

Free models can be used even in commercial projects. If you lack modeling skills but have a fantastic game idea, you can create it using these free assets. Additionally, the library offers paid models that can be purchased to expedite game development and reduce workload.

Life Hack: Creating Your First Game as an Indie Developer

To streamline the process of creating a game independently, consider starting with pre-existing assets from the asset library and gradually substituting them with your own. This approach allows you to quickly develop a working prototype of the game, enabling you to see the results of your idea promptly. It provides an opportunity to evaluate how successfully you've implemented the game concept and gauge its overall appeal.

If your idea proves to be successful and the game garners interest, you can progressively replace the stock assets with your own creations. Step by step, you'll craft unique models, replacing temporary placeholders with higher-quality assets that align with your overarching concept. This iterative approach ensures that your game evolves into a polished and personalized creation, allowing you to refine and enhance it iteratively, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your creative vision.


Unreal Engine provides incredible opportunities for those venturing into the realm of game development. With its user-friendly interface, impressive graphics, and versatile programming tools, even beginners can bring their ideas to life. Thanks to the unique Blueprint system, game development becomes accessible even without programming knowledge.

Furthermore, the free access for beginners and indie developers makes Unreal Engine an ideal starting point. With the ability to create games for various platforms, an extensive asset library, and support from major studios, Unreal Engine offers a comprehensive set of tools for success in the world of video games. Don't forget to leverage the asset library and experiment, as everyone can find their path to creativity and the creation of captivating gaming worlds. Remember, the key to success is continuous learning, a creative approach, and readiness for change.