New update in MetaFriends: Expansion of living space

MetaFriends is pleased to present users with a new update that brings fresh changes and improvements to the game regarding living spaces and interiors. Now players will be able to enjoy new opportunities to interact and furnish their virtual homes.

Personalized apartments for players and MetaFriends

One of the key features of the update is the introduction of separate living spaces for players and their MetaFriends. Now each player will be able to have his own unique space, which he will be able to equip and decorate to his liking. MetaFriends, in turn, will have their own dwelling where they can live and spend time.

Players will be able to use various interior items to create a cozy and stylish atmosphere in their apartments. MetaFriends will actively participate in the arrangement process, giving advice and recommendations, but the final decision will always be up to the player. This innovation allows to create a more personalized and rich game interaction.

Neighborhood and interaction

With the introduction of new living spaces comes a neighborhood system. Now players will be able to visit the apartments of their MetaFriends and vice versa. This opens up new opportunities for interaction and spending time together. You can invite your MetaFriend to visit, discuss future plans with them or simply enjoy time together.

Example of interactions and displacements

The photos above show a visualization of the different rooms in the game. For example, the first photo shows the hallway and living room of the player area. Players will be able to furnish this space with furniture and decorations to their liking. MetaFriends will actively use this space to interact with players.

The second photo shows the kitchen, where players and MetaFriends will be able to prepare food, discuss recipes and organize joint dinners. The kitchen is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable spending time: refrigerator, stove, table and chairs. This place becomes the real heart of the apartment, where the warmest and heartfelt moments of communication take place.

The third photo shows a bathroom where players can create a cozy atmosphere for rest and relaxation. MetaFriends will also use this room, which adds realism to their daily lives.

The living room is the central place in any apartment where players and MetaFriends can spend a lot of time together. Here you can have parties, watch movies, play board games or just relax. The updated lounge includes comfortable sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and multimedia systems for maximum comfort and entertainment.

New interiors and objects

The update adds new types of living spaces, as well as an expanded range of interior items. You can choose from a variety of stylish and unique items to make your space really special. The developers have tried to take into account different tastes and preferences of players, so everyone will find something suitable for themselves.

In addition to this, the neighborhood system allows players to not only decorate their apartments, but also share these unique spaces with their MetaFriends. This creates a more interactive and social gaming environment where everyone can contribute to creating a cozy and inviting home.

More space for living

With the new updates, living spaces are getting bigger and more functional. This allows players and MetaFriends to move freely, throw parties, host guests and simply enjoy life in the virtual world of MetaFriends.

The photos shown show how the space is organized in such a way that players can easily move from one room to another. This is important for creating the feeling of a real home and user-friendliness. For example, a player can invite their MetaFriend over for dinner and they can walk through the hallway into the kitchen together, as shown in the second photo.

The bathroom, shown in the third photo, also demonstrates how the different areas of the apartment are connected, allowing for an easy transition from one activity to another. This makes interaction more fluid and natural, which is a key aspect of the new update.

The MetaFriends team continues to work on improvements so that every player can feel at home in their virtual space. The new update opens up tons of opportunities for creativity and interaction, making the game even more fun and realistic.

Enjoy the new update and create your own unique story together with MetaFriends!