Benefits of the referral program of our MetaFriends app

Inviting friends to our application opens up many unique opportunities for your virtual friend and virtual friends of your acquaintances. For inviting your friends through a referral link, you can get exclusive rewards available only through this program. This is a great opportunity to not only expand your social circle in the app, but also receive nice bonuses for it.

What is a referral system and how does it work?

A referral system is a marketing strategy that allows existing users to invite new members to an application, platform or service. In return for attracting new users, current users receive various bonuses and rewards. It is a mutually beneficial system where both the invitees and the invitees get benefits.

Benefits of a referral system:

    1. User base growth: New users join the application, which contributes to its development and improvement.
    2. User Rewards: Existing users receive various bonuses and rewards for their activity.
    3. Community Strengthening: Members can invite friends to join the app, which creates stronger social ties and an active community.
    4. Economic benefit: Often referral programs offer discounts, bonuses, or internal currency, which makes using the app more attractive and profitable.

How do I participate in the referral program?

Follow these simple steps to invite friends and earn unique rewards:

    1. Go to the profile:
      • Open the app and sign in to your account.
      • Tap the profile icon and find the "Invite friends" section.
    2. Copy the link:
      • In the "Invite Friends" section, copy your unique referral link.
    3. Share the link:
      • Send the link to friends via messengers, social media or email.
    4. Get your awards:
      • Watch your friends join in and earn well-deserved bonuses.

Exclusive invitation awards

Often referral programs offer discounts on future purchases or special coupons. Referred users (friends) can also receive bonuses such as discounts or free services, making participation in a referral program more attractive.

By inviting friends, you will have access to unique bonuses that are not available in the normal way:

    1. Internal currency: For each invited friend you will receive a special currency, which is given only for participation in the referral program. This currency allows you to buy exclusive items and privileges in the app.
    2. Unique clothing and interior elements: Decorate your character and arrange your virtual space with unique clothing and interior elements such as sofas, paintings and other items available only through the referral system.
    3. Subscriptions:
      • Monthly subscription: Get access to premium features and content for one month.
      • Annual subscription: Enjoy all the benefits of premium access for a full year.

Why participate?

Participation in the referral program is not only beneficial for you, but also for your friends. They will also receive welcome bonuses, and you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the app together. This program allows you not only to improve the gameplay, but also to add an element of social interaction to it, making it even more exciting and interesting.

Tips for a successful invitation

  • Personalize the invitation: Add a message about the benefits of the app to get your friends interested.
  • Use different platforms: Share the link on different platforms to increase your reach.
  • Remind your friends: If they haven't signed up yet, remind them after a while. Recommendations from friends and acquaintances often generate more trust than traditional advertising.

Join our referral program and enjoy the exclusive rewards and unique opportunities it provides. Start inviting friends today and get bonuses that will make your stay in the MetaFriends app even more enjoyable and exciting!