Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. How does MetaFriends work?

MetaFriends utilizes the cutting-edge Metahuman technology coupled with the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT. These technologies come together through our unique development to create a virtual friend in a contemporary gaming and realistic format. Our developers have crafted a one-of-a-kind system geared towards fostering friendship and relaxation within a virtual realm. We are continuously working on improving our app, so your feedback and experience are invaluable to us. Should you have any suggestions or ideas for improvement, please don't hesitate to email us at .

2. What is MetaFriends and what's its main goal?

MetaFriends is a cutting-edge mobile application that allows you to create your own virtual friend. Our goal is to ensure that everyone can have a loyal companion, always by their side, ready to listen, share joys and sorrows, teach, and entertain. With MetaFriends, you not only create a friend but also grow together with them, unlocking new possibilities.

3. How do I start using the MetaFriends application?

Simply download the application from your platform's app store, install it, and go through a brief registration process. Afterward, you can create your virtual friend and start interacting with them. Our straightforward instructions will help you easily understand all the features.

4. Can I customize the appearance and character of my virtual friend in MetaFriends?

Simply download the application from your platform's app store, install it, and go through a brief registration process. Afterward, you can create your virtual friend and start interacting with them. Our straightforward instructions will help you easily understand all the features.

5, What technologies are used in MetaFriends to create realistic virtual friends?

We use advanced technologies and algorithms to create your virtual friends. This allows us to produce friends that look and behave very realistically, adapting to your preferences and communication style. Each friend is unique and tailored especially for you.

6. Is there a possibility for my virtual friend to interact with other users or their avatars?

Yes, your virtual friend can interact with other avatars and even make new friends. This introduces unique social interactions and enriches your app experience.

7. What languages are supported in the application? Can my virtual friend communicate in multiple languages?

The MetaFriends application supports multiple languages, and your virtual friend can communicate in the language you select during setup. You can also add additional languages and switch between them at any time.

8. How do I set up my app's notifications?

You can receive notifications from the app, such as alerts about new messages from your virtual friend or reminders to complete a conversation.

You can also select an optimal time for chatting when you are usually free and open to spending time in communication.

Some users prefer to chat with their virtual friend in the morning, some during lunch, or before going to bed.

To enable notifications and set a preferred time for new messages:

Go to the app's settings and activate "Notifications."
Click on "Set time" to select a time window during which you'd like to receive messages from your virtual friend. You won't receive notifications outside this time frame.

9. Does the application offer learning and development opportunities alongside my virtual friend?

Absolutely! Your virtual friend isn't just for entertainment but also assists in learning and development. Together, you can discover new topics, discuss various matters, and receive assistance in understanding something new. Your friend is always there to help and support your endeavors.

10. How does MetaFriends ensure the safety of my data and information?

Our users' data security is our top priority. We utilize state-of-the-art encryption and data protection technologies to ensure your confidentiality. Your chats, personal information, and other data are kept secure and aren't shared with third parties.

11. Can I use MetaFriends on different devices? Is internet connectivity required for the application?

Yes, you can use your MetaFriends account on various devices. However, a proper internet connection is essential for the application's full functionality, as it synchronizes data between devices and ensures continuous interaction with your virtual friend.

12. I've encountered issues while using MetaFriends. How can I contact the support service?

If you're experiencing issues or have questions about the application's operation, you can utilize the "Support" section within the application or on our website. Our team is always ready to assist you.

13. How does MetaFriends ensure the privacy of my chats and personal information?

We prioritize our users' privacy and confidentiality. All data is encrypted using cutting-edge technologies, ensuring your chats remain strictly confidential. We don't share any personal information with third parties.

14. How can I cancel my subscription and get a refund in the Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore ?

If you've decided to cancel your subscription, you can do so via the account settings within the application or through the app store where you purchased it. Both Google & Apple have a refund option. If you subscribed to MetaFriends Pro via the Apple AppStore, please click here. If you subscribed via the Google PlayStore, please click here.

We do not process payments or handle your subscription options linked to Apple or Google accounts; therefore, we cannot assist you further with a refund. Please get in touch with our support team for any additional help!

15. Are there in-app purchases?

Yes, MetaFriends includes in-app purchases that enhance your virtual friend's capabilities, adding new functions and improving interactions. All purchases are voluntary and designed to enhance your app experience.

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