Creating Characters in MetaFriends with Metahuman Creator

In our MetaFriends project, we use Metahuman Creator to create realistic and unique characters. This allows us to offer users an exciting experience of interacting with virtual friends in our life simulator. We decided to tell you more about Metahuman Creator, its features and the reasons for its popularity.

Metahuman Creator radically changes the process of creating virtual characters, dramatically reducing production time and making it more affordable. It can be used to create detailed and high-quality digital humans that look and move naturally, thanks to advanced animation and realistic facial expressions.

What is а Metahuman Creator?

Metahuman Creator is a tool for creating high-quality, photorealistic digital characters for our MetaFriends app. Developed by Epic Games, it allows users to quickly and easily create a variety of characters using the powerful features of the Unreal Engine. With its intuitive interface and many customization options, Metahuman Creator has become an essential tool for game, animation and other digital media developers.

The process of character creation

Step 1: Selecting a basic model

The Metahuman creation process begins by selecting one of several basic character models that can be detailed and customized. We implement and customize models that have a high level of detail and realism.

Step 2: Customizing Appearances

Metahuman Creator offers many customization options to change the character's appearance. Users can change the shape of the face, skin color, hair texture, eyes and other details. With this, characters can be created that reflect unique traits and personality.

Step 3: Animations and expressions

One of the key features of Metahuman Creator is the ability to create realistic animations and facial expressions. The tool uses powerful algorithms to accurately reproduce facial expressions and movements, making characters truly lifelike.

Step 4: Export and Integration

Once the character customization is complete, it can be exported to Unreal Engine for further work. This allows you to easily integrate the created characters into game projects, animations and other applications.

Programs and technologies

Metahuman Creator works in conjunction with several other programs and technologies:

Unreal Engine: The main platform for character development and rendering.Unreal Engine, developed by Epic Games, is one of the most powerful and popular platforms for developing video games, animations and other interactive applications. It provides developers with a wide range of tools for creating high-quality content and is the main engine used in Metahuman Creator.

Quixel Megascans:
Quixel Megascans is an extensive library of high-quality textures and models developed by Quixel, now part of Epic Games. This library gives developers access to thousands of photorealistic scans of real-world objects and surfaces that can be used to create detailed and realistic virtual environments.

Blender and Maya:
These are two of the most popular and powerful 3D modeling and animation tools widely used in the visual effects, gaming and animation industries. They provide a rich set of features that allow artists and developers to create, edit and animate 3D models with a high degree of detail and realism.

Features and advantages of Metahuman Creator

High quality and realism

One of the main advantages of Metahuman Creator is the ability to create photorealistic characters with high detail. This is achieved through the use of advanced rendering and animation technologies.

While creating characters with Metahuman Creator, users have access to a wide range of tools and customizations that allow them to realize their creative ideas and create unique characters. They can change face shape, features, skin textures, hairstyle, clothing and more to achieve the look they desire

Simplicity and accessibility

Metahuman Creator provides an intuitive interface that makes the character creation process accessible even to users with minimal experience in 3D modeling. This makes it quick and easy to bring your ideas to life without requiring in-depth knowledge of computer graphics and design. With simple tools and an intuitive user interface, everyone can create unique characters that express their own personality and style.

Extensive customization options

The tool offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to create a variety of characters with unique traits. This is especially useful for projects that require a large number of characters, such as games and animated movies. Users can easily modify the appearance, physical characteristics and style of characters to meet the requirements of their projects and create unique heroes and secondary characters.

Popularity and community

Metahuman Creator has quickly gained popularity among developers due to its features and quality. A large user community and active support from Epic Games contribute to the rapid development of the tool and the introduction of new features.

Why is Metahuman Creator so popular?

Metahuman Creator's popularity stems from its ability to deliver high-quality results with minimal effort. This tool allows you to create characters that can be easily integrated into a variety of projects, from games to movies, giving developers flexibility and time savings.


We use Metahuman Creator to create our AI Friend Simulator – MetaFriends to offer users a realistic and lifelike visualization. This powerful tool makes our characters real and unique, which makes our app special. We hope this story about Metahuman Creator has helped you understand why we chose it for our project and the possibilities it opens up.

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