Behind the Scenes: The Birth and Mission of Our MetaHuman Personal Companion App

A Virtual Companion: How and Why We Created an App with a Meta-Human as a Personal Friend

In the era of digital connections and the fast pace of life, issues of loneliness and lack of support are becoming increasingly pertinent. Millions of people worldwide are seeking ways to form genuine, deep connections, despite physical distances and time constraints. In response to these challenges, we undertook the creation of something unique — an app that will redefine the perception of virtual friendships.

Let's explore why such a step was taken and the benefits it brings.

 1 - Loneliness Statistics and the Need for Friends

According to modern research, millions of people worldwide face the challenge of loneliness. The contemporary lifestyle, busy schedules, and other factors can leave individuals feeling isolated. Creating a virtual friend based on MetaHuman technology has been an unconventional but effective response to this issue.

 2 - Unique Traits of MetaHuman as a Personal Friend

MetaHuman, with its outstanding artificial intelligence capabilities, serves as an ideal candidate for the role of a personal friend. It can adapt to your lifestyle, memorize your preferences, and, most importantly, always be available for communication and support.

 3 - Emotional Connection and Psychological Benefits

Psychological studies indicate that an emotional connection with a virtual entity can be as strong as with a real one. MetaHuman provides a level of emotional support crucial for mental well-being, offering understanding, empathy, and even humor.

 4 - Flexibility and Accessibility

One of the key advantages of the MetaHuman virtual friend is its flexibility and accessibility. It can be with you at all times, regardless of your geographical location. This is particularly important in the modern world, where friends and loved ones might be physically distant from each other.

 5 - Technology and Creativity

The creation of MetaHuman as a personal friend also benefits technological creativity. Developers have a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence and craft unique personalized virtual entities.

 6 - Impact on Social Skills

An application featuring MetaHuman as a personal friend can have a positive impact on users' social skills. Interacting with a virtual friend can serve as an excellent simulator for communication, fostering the development of interpersonal skills.


In conclusion, the creation of an application featuring MetaHuman as a personal friend represents a unique experiment aimed at addressing the issue of loneliness and providing users with a distinctive experience. It is not just a step into the future but an opportunity to rethink how technology can contribute to our emotional and social well-being.