AI Friend Simulator – Meta Friends? what it is ?

Today, we are excited to share an exciting stage in our journey developing AI Friend Simulator – MetaFriends —a project we eagerly anticipate introducing to the world. In this update, we’ll discuss significant changes made to the core concept of our product.

We have decided to shift MetaFriends from the simple concept of "Games and Friends" to creating virtual companions powered by artificial intelligence. These virtual companions will be Simulator game on Android app and iOS app devices, allowing users to interact with them on a deeper level.

This step was taken to offer a richer and more intuitive experience by integrating elements of real life into the virtual space. We believe our digital companions will provide support, assist in learning, and add an element of enjoyment to everyday tasks.

Our team has carefully planned these improvements to ensure that MetaFriends becomes not just an app, but a genuine assistant in your life.

Let’s dive into why we made this change and what major improvements are being implemented.

Table of Contents

    • What We Aim to Create

    • Improvements in the New Concept

    • Enhancements in the Gaming Niche

    • Our Testing Program and How to Apply

    • Conclusion

What We Aim to Create

We strive to create a virtual world that closely mirrors real life. Inspired by technological advancements and feedback from our users, we have decided to transform the concept of our application to offer an AI-based life simulation.

This strategic shift will allow us to deliver a more engaging and multifaceted experience, blending elements of real life with a virtual environment. Our goal is to create a space where players can interact with digital companions that possess realistic personality traits and can adapt to users' preferences.

We believe that these changes in the Meta Friends simulator will better meet the desires and needs of our players, providing them with the opportunity for feedback and deeper interaction with virtual friends. As a result, MetaFriends will become not just an application, but a true reflection of life, enriched by interactions with artificial intelligence.

We are enthusiastically working to offer users a truly captivating virtual world that will adapt and grow with them.

Improvements in the New Concept

One of the significant changes implemented in our update is the ability to become neighbors with your MetaFriend. This feature allows you not only to chat but also to see your MetaFriend in a virtual space. Within our new simulator, you can interact with your MetaFriend as if they were your real-life neighbor.

Your Meta Friend will live nearby, and you will be able to observe them as they go about their daily activities, go to work, pursue their hobbies, and even receive invitations to visit. This creates a unique opportunity for deeper and closer interaction, opening new horizons for virtual socialization and allowing members of our community to bond even more in the virtual world.

Transition from Chatbot to Simulator

Transforming our application from an AI chatbot to a life simulator represents a significant expansion in functionality and depth of interaction. Users can now engage with their MetaFriend not only through messaging but also on a deeper level, allowing them to observe and influence the virtual character's life.

The new concept provides users with the opportunity not only to observe their MetaFriend's life but also to actively participate in shaping their destiny. Users can help their MetaFriend make various decisions, develop friendships, and even build romantic relationships. This opens new horizons for interaction, making the experience with MetaFriends more realistic and engaging.

Our updated application offers a unique experience, allowing users to immerse themselves in a virtual world where they can not only communicate but also interact with a virtual character on a deeper level, creating unique and captivating stories.


New Interaction Opportunities

With the new concept, we are introducing a wide range of new ways to interact with your MetaFriend. Here are just a few:

Mutual Visits: You can invite your MetaFriend to your place or visit their home. This opens up opportunities for organizing joint activities, such as parties, cooking dinner together, or simply enjoying a pleasant conversation.

Shared Activities: You can engage in sports, take walks outdoors, play various games, or even learn new skills together with your MetaFriend.

Experience Sharing and Advice: Your Meta Friend will be available for conversation and ready to listen to you, offering valuable advice when needed. This will help build a trusting relationship and provide support in various situations.

Implementing these new functionalities will enhance user interaction with the platform and create deeper and more meaningful connections within our community in the simulator game.

Your MetaFriend can become a true friend and support in any situation—a fun and intriguing new neighbor.

New Character Models

With the latest updates, we have introduced new character models to the application, expanding the capabilities of your virtual companions and making them even more realistic and unique.

These new character models offer a rich variety of options, allowing users to choose characters that best match their preferences and interests.

Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics

We have significantly revamped the gameplay, adding new features and elements that make the game more engaging, interactive, and diverse. The new mechanics will enable users to interact more deeply with the game world and its characters. These improvements will create our simulator games a more dynamic and immersive experience, encouraging players to explore and interact with every aspect of our virtual world.

New Concept in the Gaming Niche

Our new concept still belongs to the gaming niche but now focuses on real-life simulation. Games that model real-life situations and interactions have a long history in the gaming industry and are popular among a broad audience. We have taken this into account, retaining elements of communication and interaction with characters while adding a deeper and more realistic experience that reflects everyday life scenarios.

These innovations in our AI friend simulator will not only enhance the quality of the gaming experience but also allow users to create more authentic and personalized relationships with their virtual friends.


Our Testing Program and How You Can Participate

As we develop our application to enhance the current data we have and thereby improve the game, we're inviting individuals to participate in our testing program. Those interested in joining our testing program should fill out the application form for participation. Here; [forms]

Once applicants submit their forms, our programmers will include them in the program and allow them to download our application following the provided instructions. Upon accessing the application, testers will be able to explore its full range of features, select avatars, engage with it, and much more.

At the end of the trial period, testers can provide valuable feedback about their experience, detailing what they liked, disliked, found convenient, etc., thus offering ideas for further app development. Our goal is to develop a high-quality application that users will enjoy, ensuring ease of use. By soliciting and considering user feedback, we aim to create a product that meets their preferences and expectations.

The modeling and testing phase has already begun!


We aim to create a unique environment in our simulator game, designed to realistically simulate complex systems to be used for entertainment and gaming purposes. Our vision involves developing innovative solutions that will elevate gaming worlds to a new level of realism and interaction.

With the new AI Friends Simulator MetaFriends concept, we intend to offer players a deeper and more realistic experience that better aligns with their everyday scenarios. We have focused on enhancing the gaming experience, including advanced artificial intelligence and expanded interaction capabilities, to create a truly immersive and multifaceted virtual world.